360 Degree
Video Production

360 Degree Video Production

Square Mile specialises in 360 degree video and interactive content production. 360° videos, aka immersive videos, spherical videos or 360° VR videos, use an array of cameras to capture multiple angles at the same time. 360° video production is a great tool for promoting and marketing venues and travel destinations; capturing live events, concerts and performances; filming action sports videos; producing news stories and documentaries; and anything else that may create higher audience engagement and interaction.

Our full-service 360° VR video production and post-production capabilities are at an impressive 8K resolution. We use top-of-the-line processing software for seamless video stitching and industry-leading visual effects and top-of-the-line motion graphics software for 360° video production.

For all platforms.

360 degree videos can be watched on smartphones and tablets, as well as in immersive virtual reality when using VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and Google Cardboard. On desktop computers viewers are able to navigate through the 360-degree space using their mouse.

Turnkey solutions.

We use 360 degree video mounts with six cameras to simultaneously film and capture a 360° x 180° field of view. The 360° multi-camera footage is stitched into a spherical video through specifically developed software. 360° mounts with multiple cameras to provide higher resolution and video quality compared to standalone cameras.

Social Media platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook all host embeddable, fully functional videos on their websites. We are also able to deliver independent turnkey files for self-hosting.

To find out more about our 360° video production services and how they can benefit you, call us at 020 7859 4194.